Paparazzi photos of Pau Gasol released!

Wednesday brought an unpleasant surprise for Los Angeles Lakers star Pau Gasol, as he was trailed by an unfamiliar vehicle whilst in the Redondo Beach area, near his LA home. According to the Los Angeles Times:

“They had laid in wait for him for a while and then when they didn’t take any pictures of him when they had the chance and followed him after that, he thought there was something nefarious on their mind,” said Redondo Sgt. Phil Keenan.

Gasol, a Redondo Beach resident, called a Lakers security official and was told to drive to the police department, where he provided a description of the car that was following him. Officers found the car parked nearby and questioned its two inhabitants, who were Spanish. They provided the kicker to the story.

“The shot of him alone was not what they were looking for,” Keenan said. “What they were looking for were shots with him and his girlfriend.”

Gasol is dating Silvia Lopez Castro, who has appeared on reality TV in Spain.”

Well we have managed to secure two of the photos taken by the paparazzi — photos they deemed useless as they did not include Gasol’s girlfriend and thus were happy to hand over to A Stern Warning for free. All I can say is, “wow.”

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