NBA announces launch of All Star Scene behind-the-scenes video

Shaq diss video

This should be fun.

The NBA has announced a new interactive aspect to the NBA All-Star Weekend. A behind-the-scenes video channel on their site, at will broadcast interviews with players over the weekend, as well as footage shot with hand held cameras by players.

Here’s to hoping beyond hope, that Shaq or one of the other “less-standard-answer-providing” stars slips some controversial footage into the live feed before the league can take it off. Perhaps he may ask one of his All-Star teammates how his rear end tastes?

Mediaweek has these details: has unveiled a new channel centered on the 2009 NBA All-Star Game which features four different video channels, one of which will stream video shot by several of the leagues’ players as they attend this weekend’s All-Star festivities, which will unfold on Feb. 12 through Feb. 16 in Phoenix, Ariz.

In addition to the clips shot by NBA stars via handheld cameras, visitors to can view custom footage from the event shot by the league, including a channel showcasing the expected celebrities and various VIPs attending the weekend. In addition, one of the channels will house video clips shot by fans attending the various All-Star activities.

Besides, the league plans to distribute its original All-Star video footage across its partner social networking sites, including Facebook and YouTube, as well as on various mobile devices, said officials.

There is also a Twitter Feed for the channel at