Loren Woods arrested for DUI and bribery


In what is the most interesting Loren Woods news since…. well, ever, the former NBA player was arrested this week for driving under the influence of alcohol in Tampa, Florida. He then allegedly attempted to bribe the arresting officer with $2,200 of cash.

From the report at WTSP.com:

According to his arrest report, 33-year-old Loren Woods was driving erratically shortly before 4 a.m. when a Tampa police officer pulled him over for suspected DUI.

As the officer approached the vehicle, Woods reportedly exited and began walking away. The officer stopped him and noted in the arrest report that Woods had alcohol on his breath, was slurring his speech, and his eyes were glassy.

Woods allegedly refused to perform a field sobriety test, saying such tests were biased against black people and that he would only do it if a black officer administered them.

He was arrested for DUI after repeatedly refusing to take the test as well as a breath test.

As Woods was taken into custody, the officer counted about $2,200 in cash that was on him and placed it on the hood of the police car.

“You want to take that?” Woods asked. The officer told him that it would be placed with his property to which he reportedly said, “I don’t got no property. You take that and I jet.”

Woods then allegedly denied bribing the officer, saying he saw no cash on the hood.

When again asked if Woods was suggesting the officer take the money, he replied, “I said it disappears.”

After being drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2001, he evenutally played for the Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors and Houston Rockets, as well as a slew of European teams. Most recently he has been playing in the Iranian Basketball Super League.

Perhaps Woods’ greatest achievement was recording 14 blocks for the University of Arizona versus Oregon as an NCAA junior in 2000.

Incidentally, Woods played with Tim Duncan at Wake Forest… and isn’t this a killer of a photo of T-Robot?