Longley won’t be throwing this shrimp on the barbie!

Luc Longley is doing his bit for the environment, having spent “thousands” of dollars in an auction to name a new species of shrimp. The big Aussie and former Chicago Bull NBA titlist won the auction through the Australian Maritime Conservation Society who were raising funds to protect marine life.

The particular shrimp is found in the “deep blue waters off South West Australia,” which happens to be the part of the country that the former Olympian big man hails from.

“It was an absolute pleasure to take part in this auction to help raise funds to protect our south west oceans,” he said. “Discoveries like this new deep sea species remind us of how little we know about our oceans and how much we need to protect them.”

Longley still has yet to decide on a name for the shrimp, so I guess that “Muggsy Bogues” isn’t out of the question?