Kevin Love suspended for stomping Luis Scola

Kevin Love stomps Luis Scola

The NBA today suspended Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves) for two games, after he stomped Luis Scola (Houston Rockets) on the face and chest on February 4.

Amazingly, there are still fans on some message boards and comments sections who claim that Scola was somehow at fault (and deserved it), you know, since he’s South American and all… The blatant racism by many American fans against European and South American players continues to astound me.

The play by Love was flat-out dirty and highly disappointing from one of the league’s hardest working players. This type of behaviour needs to be stomped out (pun intended) immediately, before it becomes endemic in the NBA game. A two game suspension, in my opinion, was insufficient. The fact that an official didn’t spot the incident is also somewhat troubling.