How to train like an NBA player

Most of us don’t get the opportunity to see what strength and conditioning exercises that NBA players are put through in order to maintain their excellent conditioning. With that in mind, finding these videos of the Portland Trail Blazers’ Steve Blake working out with the Blazers’ trainer, Bob Medina, is pretty interesting. Blake is as hard a worker as they come in the NBA.

Of course, these videos are not being done from the goodness of their hearts, but appear to be promotional videos for the Shuttle Systems exercise equipment that are used in the videos. Interesting all the same.

If you want to train like Steve Blake does (particularly for balance and leg strength), check these out.

Introduction (Bob Medina and Steve Blake)

Pre-game exercises on shuttle (leg strength)

Single leg perturbation (Steve Blake shows balance)

Steve Blake single leg balance drills with elastic

More one leg balance by Steve Blake

Two leg balance drills including squats