Charlie V’s Twitter feed and inappropriateness

Charlie Villaneuva, also known as @CV31 to his Twitter buddies, has been in the news lately for his love of Twittering. In case you hadn’t heard, his coach Scott hardnose Skiles gave him a little father-to-son talk on the use of Twitter during half-time of a recent game.

Charlie V has said that he doesn’t think it is any different to him being interviewed during the half-time break, but respects his coach’s wishes.

In the further adventures of CV31 and Twitter, today he showed us all his 2004 NCAA Championship ring (see above). He had mentioned about an hour prior, that he was going to have a nap. The most hilariously unintentional, inappropriate comment came in response to this photo, from user daniel_k_yu, who responded to the twitpic with the comment:

“Nice…isn’t it time for your lap already?”

I’m sure he meant “nap”… but perhaps he wanted to see much more of Charlie than just his hand on his knee?