A tribute to Rasual Butler

From 2002 until late 2016, he played 13 seasons with the NBA. Even if he was not always in the highlight like other basketball stars, he was known as a hardworking and solid player. Having played for eight NBA teams, he successfully built himself a memorable career. He was Rasual Butler. . . and he left us on the 31st of January in a tragic car crash. As per the official, Butler and his wife, were in their Range Rover when it crashed into a wall at 02:00 am is Los Angeles.

It is no surprise that the former NBA player will be forever remembered by his team mates. After all, he served in well-known teams like Miami Heat (2002-2005), Oklahoma City Hornets (2005- 2009), Los Angeles Clippers (2009- 2011), Chicago Bulls (2011), Toronto Raptors (2011- 2012), Indiana Pacers (2013- 2014), Washington Wizards (2015- 2015) and San Antonio Spurs (2015- 2016). The former basketball player is remembered for his positive attitude and the friendship he built with his teammates and players from other teams.

Many sports stars like Chris Martin Palmer, Reggie Miller and Jamal Crawford have paid their tribute to the couple. They have also mentioned their support to Bulter’s only daughter, who he fathered in a previous relationship. And, just a couple of days before his death, the former NBA player wrote a lovely Instagram post for her daughter. In the post, he mentioned how much he loved his daughter and how she always inspired him to be a better man and father. Now that he’s gone, he is survived by his daughter, who knows how much her father cared.

But there’s so much more to know about Butler. Born in Philadelphia in May 1979, the 39 years old player, was the sixth person to ever score over 2,000 points during this college years at La Salle University. He quickly became the college’s pride and features in the University Hall of Athletes. Unknown to many, Butler won the Impact Player of the Year in the NBA D-League, and was a 2-times First-team All-Atlantic 10 player.

Also, he was a very good friend of the well-known, Lamar Odom. He even featured in Khloe and Lamar, while the couple was still married. However, the former basketball player kept his own relationship private. It only emerged that he was married to Leah LaBelle, after the car crash.

The former player indeed spent 13 seasons with the NBA which is remarkable in the world of sports. Rasual Butler reminds us of a great football player, Eusebio. This footballer was not always the star and yet he spent 19 years of his career amidst different teams. While you think about Rasual Butler, you can remember the great football matches of Eusebio by playing Football Champions Cup slots at New Look Bingo.  Themed on football, this game features a football arena which will make you think of the old golden football matches.

Just like any person who mattered, Rasual Butler will survive through his games, the memories he created for others and his positive mindset which impacted on many persons.  

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