Harrison Barnes dunks all over Nikola Pekovic (video)

Harrison Barnes (Golden State Warriors) lets Nikola Pekovic (Minnesota Timberwolves) know that he is ready for the NBA with this dunk in today's game.

Russell Westbook puts Stephen Curry on a poster

Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) put down a nasty fastbreak slam dunk over Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors). This just isn't fair really — Curry is still a minor, right?

Gerald Green jumps – head above the rim!

We all know that Gerald Green is an athletic freak. But this video is just further confirmation of that fact. Watch as Green jumps during a Indiana Pacers training session, with his head well and truly above the rim.  

Wilt Chamberlain rare video: amazing leaping ability

Wilt Chamberlain was a remarkable athlete. I think that goes without saying. However, the thing about Wilt the Stilt coming from a bygone era is that so many of us have not watched him in action. It’s easy to dismiss his abilities as not worthy of the current era of superstar athletes. Truthfully, many NBA […]

Retro NBA commercial: 1996 Dream Team Tattoos

Did you know that simply by purchasing a Jell-O cup back in 1996 you could look like a hard-hitting gangsta with your very own 1996 Dream Team tattoo? Tattoo… or applique… same thing, right?  Either way, this is a pretty fun flashback commercial. Who is that little white guy wearing number 12, by the way? […]

Steve Nash makes Lakers debut

The much awaited debut of Steve Nash in Los Angeles Lakers colours came today, as the Lakeshow took on the Golden State Warriors in NBA pre-season play. Whilst Dwight Howard sat courtside in a clownish suit, Nash put up five points and three assists in 14 minutes, including a decent ankle breaker on Jarrett Jack […]

New York or LA – which will be the bigger rivalry in 2012-13?

The lockout-shortened 2011-12 NBA season brought us possibly the closest rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers that we’ve ever seen. With only one win separating the regular season records of both teams, the bolstering of the Clippers’ lineup with the arrival of Chris Paul certainly paid dividends. It might be a bit early […]

Jeremy Lin and David Lee play hoops in Taipei

Jeremy Lin and David Lee “sneak out” of their Taipei hotel rooms to play some late night street hoops with the locals, with the predicatable frenzy ensuing.  Hello Kitty — awesome. Count the number of people who are NOT filming the game on their mobile devices. David Lee, good looking out for your international brand! […]

Video: Nate Thurmond defensive beast

Not many people could trouble Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the paint, but Nate “the Great” Thurmond was one hell of a defensive player down low. As you’ll see in this rare video highlights package, Thurmond was an absolute monster defensively — a powerful, legitimate big man. Plus, he totally wore that receeding hairline like a boss […]

Footlocker Commercial: The Melo’s

New commercial from Footlocker : Carmelo Anthony is an incredibly busy man. That’s why he has a bunch of “Melo’s” to help play body-double for him; including one who looks strikingly similar to Craig Smith.  

Kobe Bryant and Stephanie Rice – the romance continues

As we’ve previously talked about here, the romantic tale of the 2012 London Olympics has been Team USA basketballer Kobe Bryant and Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice. And it looks like the flirtations are continuing, with the pair today seen enjoying each other’s company at the Olympic cycling event. The photos, published on show Bryant […]

“Jeremy Lin That I Used To Know” by not Gotye

As you may have heard, Linsanity has moved on. That’s right, Jeremy Lin signed an offer sheet with the Houston Rockets — a big one — and the New York Knicks failed to match that offer. So all of those Linsanity bandwagon fans will have to ride their wagon all the way to Texas if […]

2012 NBA Summer League – 5 Players for Aussies to watch

With NBA Summer League games fast approaching (along with the 2012 London Olympics), here are five players that will be of particular interest to Australians and fans of the National Basketball League. Jerai Grant (Houston Rockets) — most recently of the 2011/12 Sydney Kings. Grant’s arrival in Sydney had links to the Rockets. Diamon Simpson […]

Jeremy Lin returns to the Houston Rockets

Word is that Jeremy Lin may be returning to the Houston Rockets. He of the Linsanity of 2012 has reportedly agreed to terms on a four year deal “worth $10.2 million over the first two seasons and $9.3 million in each of the last two years. The fourth season is a team option.” Lin is […]