1940 NCAA Final: Indiana v Kansas

Don’t adjust your sets, you read it right. This is footage from the NCAA Final of 1940! Indiana took the title from Kansas (15 years before Wilt Chamberlain joined them), with a 60-42 victory. Here are some features of the 1940 tournament, which was a long way from the March Madness we experience today:

  • Eight teams were involved;
  • Eight games were played in total, as third place game was also played;
  • Marvin Huffman of Indiana was named the tourney’s Most Outstanding Player;
  • Indiana were not troubled the whole way, winning each of their games by 24, 9 and 18 points respectively;
  • Top scorer for the tournament was Kansas’ Howard Engleman, with a total of 39 points;
  • Players were forced to play in total silence, with not even their feet making a noise;*
  • There was a “dead zone” in the centre of the court where players were temporarily blinded by strong lights;*
  • Players were forced to shoot under-arm on free throws at risk of being called pansies if they didn’t;*

* Some of these facts are not entirely true — I’ll let you decide what sounds legit. Roll the film!

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