Best basketball-related games in 2019

It’s time we got back to talking a little about gaming again. After all, this is the industry that keeps most of us fans alive year to year, season to season. This time around though, we are not going to be talking about just one basketball game, but we are going to get talking about several. One reason is that not everybody likes the same things. The other reason is that even if do like the same things, it is good to have at least a little bit of variety in your gaming so that you can enjoy it a little more. So here is a quick list of all of the important games that are based on basketball that you can play in 2019. Of course, you will find some of the usual suspects, but you will also end up seeing some games that you don’t usually end up seeing too much. This is because there are new developments entering the market, yes, and this means some new fun opportunities for us all. Anyway, without further ado, here’s the list. 

Online games

The biggest update to the list of games that are playable for basketball is probably the long list of online games that have been added to the library. There are dozens of games available online that are all dedicated to basketball, and all of them have something unique about them that anyone will be able to find entertaining. Although the list might be long, some of the best games are all available in a single place, with the added bonus of having the chance to gamble on these games, so that you can scratch that risk itch you have from watching all those games and betting on them. The page is probably the largest library of all of the basketball based games. These include slots, of course, but there are other options for those who are looking for something more interesting or something more tailored to their needs. 

NBA 2K19

We could never skip the fan favourite NBA 2K19, and the next entry into the season, 2K20. This game series has been the most popular for a long time and it has been quite outstanding in every year of being released. The engine is good, the gameplay is fun and fair, the graphics are wonderful and the occasional glitch is something that we can all look towards since that’s where all the goofy shenanigans show up. But, the game is quite good this year around and has seen a lot of players enjoying it. If you are craving some in-between game enjoyment or just want to see how much better of a player you are than the actual players on the court than you are definitely going to enjoy playing this one this time around. You can even play the games online if you want, facing off against opponents online when you ant, or alternatively, you could just face off against someone with a second controller. Overall, a classic and a game for the ages, or at least until the new one comes out next year. 

NBA Live 19

There isn’t much to say about NBA Live 19 this year around, other than this is a worthy competitor to NBA 2K19. In the case of this year, we are going to say that there is definitely something to look forward to. Designing your own court is a lot of fun and a call back to the freedom of the early sports video games. There is also the ability to create the ultimate NBA team, but it involves a lot of microtransactions so we’d rather avoid that. But beyond that, the game seems to be pretty okay, although it could use some sound tweaks. The game comes recommended for the fans, but there is still space for it to get better, and hopefully, it will.