Everything You Need To Know About Harness Racing


Horse racing is an incredibly popular pastime for many people. However, few people know that there is more than one type of horse racing. There is the traditional type where jockeys ride the horses around the track to see which horse is the fastest. Then there is harness racing which is slightly different than traditional horse racing. In fact, it is actually more akin to the chariot racing of old. The horses pull a cart behind them. this cart is where the driver’s sit during the race. You may have noticed a different terminology is being used here compared to the traditional horse racing. The men and women that guide the horses do not wish to be called jockeys as that is not really what they are. Instead, they are called drivers because they are, quite literally, driving the horse much like you would drive a bicycle or even a car. The driver sits in the cart and uses the reigns as both a means of steering and a way to speed up or slow down. Everything about the way the horse moves is in tune with the reigns and how the driver moves and holds them. The horse is trained to be attuned to the slightest movement of the reigns. In the realm of terminology, the carts are not referred to as a cart. During a race, they use what is called a sulky. In practice, they use a jog cart.

Another difference between the two types of racing is that standard horse racing utilizes thoroughbreds and harness racing utilizes standardbreds. The term thoroughbred is fairly well known, but the term standardbred is not. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to horses that are built more for work and endurance. If you do not know what a thoroughbred is, they are built more for speed. Be sure to check out V75 tips.

Also, in standard horse racing, you will see horses galloping, but in harness racing, at least in the United States of America, you will not see galloping. In fact, galloping is against the rules in the US. Instead, horses use a fast trot and must, at all times, maintain a proper gait. A standardbred horse can run two different ways. The first is trotting. This is a common gait that you will see in horse shows as well. You can tell when the horse is trotting based on how its legs move. In a trot, the legs move in opposition. For example, the right front leg and the back left leg move at the same time and then the left front leg and the back right leg will move. The second type of gait you will see is called pacing. With this gait, you will see the sides move in unison, both left legs and then both right legs. In harness racing, many drivers find that pacing is more efficient.

In traditional horse racing, all of the horses are in the starting gate. At the sound of the horn, the gates open and all of the horses take off. With harness racing, you will likely see the horses starting behind a moving gate. This gate will be attached to a truck or “gate car” and all of the horses run behind it so that they can get up to speed. During the race, you see drivers with a whip. Keep in mind that this is generally just a scare tactic and the horses are not actually being hit. 

One of the first harness racing horses, Hambletonian is often called the father of harness racing. This is not just because he was a racer. It is more because, over a span of twenty-four seasons, Hambletonian sired many foals. In fact, he sired thirteen hundred of them. Many of these foals went on to become champions. The vast majority of harness racing horses today, have a bit of Hambletonian’s blood in their veins. His children went on to produce more champions, and their children did the same. The trend has continued since the 1800’s when Hambletonian was a pioneer of the sport.

If you are interested in going to see a harness race, there are several available all over the world. All you have to do is look for one available near you. The best way to find this information is by searching online. The best keywords to use include the term “harness race” along with a descriptor for your location. Depending on where you live, you may need to be willing to do a bit of traveling to see a race. If you enjoy this type of sport, it will be well worth it. If you know that there is nowhere in your immediate vicinity where a race could be held, it is better to use terms and phrases such as “near me”. This way, the search engine will try to locating anything within a reasonable distance of your current location. If you do not find anything with your first search, you may need to broaden your parameters and try again.

Once you find a race to attend, the first step is to purchase tickets. The vast majority of events have tickets available for purchase online. If you cannot find an online source for your tickets, look for a box office phone. You may be able to purchase your tickets over the phone. The only other option would be to wait until you arrive to purchase the tickets. After you have secured tickets, you must prepare for the race. This may sound silly to some, but it is best to be prepared, especially if you are having to travel to attend the race. Be prepared to spend several hours at the track if you wish to see the entire race. Next, depending on how far you are having to travel, you may want to reserve a hotel room so that you do not have to make the trip back right after the race. It is also a good idea to pack some food, both for the trip and during the race.